Elegy to the Void

Enveloped by the universe,
I cower under her sweet might.
The cosmos’ blanket, like a hearse
steadfast in the eternal night.

What remains on this mortal coil,
left by souls who sleep with the stars.
Left by bodies who rest in soul,
held in my palm, I call the ‘ours’.

The candle light that yearns to mourn,
its wax substance vanishing slow.
A silent ritual, unadorned.
A fleeting honour to bestow.

Mother Earth, a life-giving force,
threshold of absence and presence.
The traveller rests on the plough horse
that hauls them to their evanescence.

The breath is taken for grated.
The lung that does not rest, divine.
They grow not where they are planted
entangled through the mortal’s spine.

Two beings, alike in their growth.
To touch a tree, to kiss its flesh.
The friar under nature’s oath,
keeps higher consciousness afresh.

The water sent from heav’n above,
that comes down in the form of rain.
This thread of hair was devoid of
substance, will never ‘be’ again.

A liminal space can be found
in the crevices of the home.
The lumen of that place, spellbound,
manifests through its sacred ohm.

The dusk comes and falls in-between
the sun’s arms and the moon’s psyche.
The limen’s air, still and serene,
and cradled by Aphrodite.

The cosmos descends, true to time
and though my simple mind’s immersed,
until the night comes for me I’m
enveloped by the universe.


Elegy to the Void, 2021

  Elegy to the Void is a cosmological exploration of the connection between the self and the wider universe.

  The use of photographic prints emphasises themes of impermanence and physicality. Through act of their creation, an intimate relationship is established between the prints and the artist. They manifest as visual representations of liminality, depicting liminal spaces and fleeting objects and encounters, connecting with stellar forces and fate to initiate the outcome.

  Thomas-McCann’s celestial photographs depict the sublimity of the wider universe, but also hone back to the idea of transience through their apparent softness.Their poetic nature is emulated by her written poetry.

  Her work aims to serve as a channel for the audience’s contemplation of their own existence and belonging.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles